What to Expect

The First Meeting

The first thing that will happen during our initial meeting is discuss a plan for helping you reach your fitness goals.

Whether your goals are simple or specific, I will provide a general outline of the steps we will take to make your mission a success. You will also be offered the chance to participate in physical fitness assessments and have your body measurements taken. These services do not cost extra and are not mandatory.

Those who choose to train with me at The Warehouse Gym and Fitness will be provided with a tour of the facility. Please note that training sessions here do NOT require the purchase of an additional membership; all expenses are factored into my listed price.

We will spend the rest of the session going through a workout. This will not be overly strenuous or exhaustive. Rather, it will get you familiar with some of the exercises you will see throughout your program and allow us a chance to get further acclimated with each other.

Laying the Foundation

One of the most detrimental things that can be done to someone’s development is to train them at a demanding level before they are ready. Being overzealous will lead to bad habits, injuries and discouragement. Unfortunately, this frequently happens during the early stages of a person’s training.

The beginning of a long term training program is a time when fundamentals should take precedence over the intensity and difficulty of a workout. It is essential to have a stable foundation before any significant progress can be made. That is why I train my clients to be proficient in the seven basic human movements before I have them complete more demanding training sessions. These movements are the push, pull, squat, lunge, bend, rotate and gait.

Through a combination of functional movement testing and stability exercises, I can assess your strengths and weaknesses and develop a plan to resolve any glaring issues you may have. As you improve I can gradually adjust your workload to prepare you for more challenging and impactful workouts.

Safety will be prioritized throughout your training. You will be taught the safest and most efficient methods for moving and lifting, how to avoid dangerous mishaps with the equipment and how to exert yourself within reason.  At no point will you be asked to perform an exercise that you are not capable of doing safely.

Meeting Your Goals

The fitness world is riddled with misinformation and conflicting ideas. It can seem overwhelming and complicated, and there is no shortage of tempting yet faulty nutrition and exercise programs that promise immediate and unrealistic results.

I want to make things simple and transparent for you.  And I don’t think that physical self-improvement is nearly as complicated as it’s made out to be.

First, you must be consistent. You will improve simply by coming to training on a regular basis and going through the exercises I have planned for you. Having a consistent training adherence and diet is the most important element of fitness.

Second, you have to be honest and hold yourself accountable. Blaming others and finding creative excuses for your shortcomings will allow bad habits to fester. Acknowledge your issues, admit your mistakes and strive to improve.

Third, you need a healthy perspective about yourself and your aspirations. People get discouraged about their own progress when they obsess and compare themselves with other people. Or they expect immediate results, even though profound change does not come easily or quickly. Understand that the greatest tasks will take the most time and effort to complete and that your progress alone should be the sole focus of your attention.

Staying on Track

Success is not a linear progression. You cannot expect continuous improvement if you are always doing the same things. This will lead to plateaus in your development and risks of injury.

At some point adjustments will need to be made to your program in order for you to progress. But knowing what and when to change is difficult, and this can rob you of your mental edge. It’s easy to lose focus and get desperate or disinterested when you are struggling. It’s also easy to become complacent when things are going well.

In either scenario, change is inevitable. Whether that means changing the amount of weight that is lifted, the number of repetitions or introducing new exercises, I will guide you through what can be a stifling process and provide helpful feedback and strategies to keep you from regressing.



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