Every day, you will come to a crossroads where you will choose to do what is good for your body or what is bad for it.

Achieving the body, fitness and overall health that you want is not something that can be accomplished easily or quickly. Nor can it be done with just one good decision. These desires are only realized by consistently making the best choices for your health, even when you are tempted to indulge with junk food or surrender to comfort and laziness.

But finding success is difficult without a guide who can not only motivate you, but also instruct you on how to exercise safely and efficiently while providing clarity in a confusing, complex and misleading fitness world.  

As someone who has learned fitness through education, successes and, also, past failures, I have been able to use my knowledge and experience to help others improve themselves when little else has worked. I provide my clients with nutritional education, body and fitness assessments and custom workouts that improve and maximize their ability.

Whether you are looking to attain a physical peak that has eluded you or regain the fitness and appearance that you once had, my training can help you reach your goals no matter what your age, physical condition or skill level may be.

-Bobby Gartrell, Crossroads Personal Training


Training at The Warehouse Gym and Fitness

1110 Chambers Rd

Columbus, Ohio 43212



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